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Kevin Nessling


Kevin is our CEO and lead SEO strategist. Kevin's background is in sales and marketing within the legal and insurance sectors moving into digital media and search marketing in 2003.

During the past ten years Kevin has devoted much of his time to developing branding, marketing and SEO strategies for a range of successful online brands in some of the most competitive sectors including retail, financial services and legal.

Mike Page

Lead SEO

From the dawn of SEO-time, ex Goldsmiths failed rock musician Mike has been captivated by the challenge of crafting websites that excel in the search engines. Mike is a regular contributor on the worlds search engine optimisation forums and has recently contributed to eConsultancy's SEO best practice guide.

Mike is an extremely accomplished web developer and programmer, highly proficient and expert in a number of languages including VB, ASP/.NET, MySQL and PHP.  

Mike has been instrumental in developing a number of dominant online brands in some of the most competitive spaces within the legal and financial services sectors.

Jane Venn

Account Manager & Lead Copywriter

Jane realised her life’s ambition to write for websites after finishing her English and Creative Writing degree and coming home with a first. Since then she has gone on to obtain an MA in Creative Writing (with Distinction - woo hoo) while continuing to write her unique brand of sparkling SEO copy for Fuse clients.

Now firmly back in the Fuse fold, Jane writes her novel by night, interspersing this with contemplation of the novel as means to affect the wider social consciousness and the finer intricacies of the postmodern short story.

When she climbs down from her ivory tower, Jane has the rare and canny ability to make insurance sound interesting; in fact her turn of phrase can make anything sound interesting.

Jane’s CV states interests including skydiving, white water rafting, extreme skiing, rock climbing and long stints in the gym. Now that’s creative writing!

Tomas Bulaitis

Web Developer

Tom is an accomplished web developer and is proficient in Php, JavaScript, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Magento and Joomla.

Tom enjoys a challenge and relishes being involved in complex projects working closely with his project manager, designers and clients to deliver great looking and functional websites that perform well in the Search Engine rankings.


Online Copywriter

From his first infant cry it was apparent that Australian-born Joel exhibited the symptoms of congenital foreign accent syndrome - the only known case in medical history.

Now in his twenties, he has dropped the thick Russian vowels and instead speaks in the absurdly anachronistic tones of a 19th century English landowner.

Having worked in advertising, journalism and marketing in China and Australia, he is now settled in the UK, where by day he lends his gift for scintillating (and, if called for, accentless) prose to the FUSE team, and, come night, moonlights as a fox’s nose.

James Booker

Search and Social Media Assistant

In-house Search and Social Media assistant James enjoys working closely with Lead SEO Mike and Account Manager/Lead Copywriter Jane. He ensures that clients receive the best possible social media presence - helping to maximise brand coverage and drive targeted traffic towards their sites.

A long-time student of the martial arts who is steadily working towards hisblack belt, James is also a Zen practitioner and budding physicist - so you can be sure that a mindful, logical approach will be applied to your online marketing.

When he isn't found in front of his computer, tech blogging (as he is a huge technophile) or on social media, he will be in his local dojo, gym or out rock climbing.

Long term ambition - James aims to conquer the social-media world.